The Instagram Games - How Brands Can Up Their Instagram Strategy.

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

Tried & tested tips and tricks that will double your Instagram engagement.

With the recent removal of likes on Instagram, the platform has seemingly gone through some pretty hefty changes. Engagement rates are fluctuating daily, organic reach is dwindling and motivation for posting is at an all-time low. But now that the dust has seemingly settled, what are the new rules? What do we know about the new algorithm and how do we make it work for us?

Below we talk tried-and-tested Instagram engagement and our 4 rules for brands to beat the new algorithm and come up on top.

Use as a user, not a brand

Social media is called social media for a reason; it’s a place where brands, customers and the general population have an opportunity to interact with one another. Instagram is a two-way street, and you can’t expect to receive engagement if you’re never engaging with other accounts. If you’re not already dedicating time to engaging on Instagram, now is the time. Spend the first and last 15 minutes of your working day interacting with your current followers, and engaging with potential customers and followers. We’d suggest going through your news feed and liking/commenting on posts that are relevant, and then utilising hashtags. E.g. if you’re a coffee brand, look up hashtags like #coffeelover #coffeeadict or #ilovecoffee and interact with these posts. It’s incredible what a friendly comment or a story reply can do!

Think about your content

The biggest mistake brands make on social media is posting, for the sake of posting. It’s great to post consistently, but don’t let the pressure to post often affect the quality of your content. Before you post, think about what you’re posting. Does it actually bring value to a user? A sale post is great if it’s a genuine, new sale, but followers will fatigue of sale posts if they’re overused. If a post doesn’t educate, entertain or inspire, is it worth posting?

Utilise every tool

If your brand isn’t using stories, why? While organic reach and engagement numbers may be dwindling, Instagram stories views continue to grow. Users have lost the will to endlessly scroll through photos, and instead are opting to tap their way through Instagram stories. No matter what your profession, Instagram Stories are your friend. Whether it’s posting Behind-the-scenes content from an event or giving a weekly update on what you’re working on, your stories will be watched by followers and potential followers. If you’re hesitant, trial the poll/question feature on stories and watch as your story views and daily engagement increase rapidly!

All about the grid

While it’s great to post quality content, it needs to be equally as aesthetically pleasing. When a potential follower lands on your Instagram page, you’ve got approximately 10 seconds to make an impact. If you’ve got a messy looking grid, people aren’t going to follow you. Your content needs to flow together, and this might be achieved through using a colour theme, posting niche photos or only editing photos in a particular style. If you’re looking for a more cohesive feed (check out the work we do for Wellineux), our team can create bespoke feeds that seamlessly blend into one another to create a beautiful first impression.

So in summary, think engagement over numbers, quality over frequency and human over brand. Here at Compass Studio, we’re passionate about social media. Instagram is our second language, Facebook a passion and digital strategy comes naturally to us. If you’re looking to up your social game, see serious ROI and work with influencers, we can help.

Author Bio

Ellie Parker

Ellie is the Social Media Manager at Compass Studio, fluent in Instagram and a self-confessed meme addict. An experienced social media strategist and content writer, Ellie is passionate about working with sustainable, ethical brands that give back to the world.